I’m trying to remember all the quips I’ve heard about forgiveness over my years as a healer and patient— “Holding something against another is like letting them live rent free in your home.” “Why forgive when the one who’s offended has not apologized let alone asked for forgiveness.” “Forgive because it is the spiritual thing to do.” “When Read more about Forgiveness[…]


It’s dark, you’re moving, and a compelling spiral of potency is rising up from the bottom of your body. Fluid is all around you, and you are drawing nourishment deeply into your core from out in front of you. So far, you’ve come from the stars and returned back again, maybe several times even, negotiating the Read more about Heart[…]

Central Channel

A mentor of mine, Ray Castellino, once said, “if a baby can’t breathe after he’s born, and the birth’s been relatively “normal”, have the parent’s make a connection.  It’s in the tension field of their relationship that the baby thrives.” It was one of those moments where you simultaneously are blown away by the genius Read more about Central Channel[…]


Coming to earth is the consequence of our conception.  When we cleave from spirit/sky/source, earthward is our intended direction.  With incarnation comes matter; including density and gravity.  The degree of coherence our parents, their ancestries, and our present and past communities have will determine the qualities we must contend with as we enter and begin Read more about Earth[…]


Why do body pain, emotional tendencies, and life circumstances tend to repeat themselves? Many people don’t realize their bodies have an underlying energetic structure around which their tissues organize. These patterns have been there since before you even grew your body, as early as the first few days and weeks in the womb. These energetic structures are Read more about Sky[…]