The Feminine Channel

Where do you tend towards pain? Your right or your left side? How about that injury from when you were a kid~ what side was it on? Or how about your vision? Do you see better out of your right or your left eye?

You could think the answers arbitrary, and sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but more often than not, you can trace your symptoms to whether your issues are feminine-related or masculine-related.

The feminine. Who is she? She’s not a woman or female. She is the feminine-aspect of every human being. Perhaps even of every living being that is structured bilaterally, meaning one side similar to the other.

The feminine holds your intuition, your trust, the unknown, your vision (in terms of what the future holds), your intentions, she sees in the dark.

What she’s not about is action, execution, planning, manifesting outcomes, or figuring out pathways. That’s all left to the masculine side.

I like to caution that it’s not a rule you can universalize, because I’ve seen it play out in other ways, but 8 times out of 10 symptoms on the left side of your body have to do with what your feminine wants, or doesn’t have, or is dying to express.

Case in point. A woman I worked with was in an exciting and troubling relationship. The guy had a lot of “dominion” over her choices. They would spend their days following his agendas and if she wanted to avoid conflict it was better for her to not challenge him. She came to me explaining that her vision in her left eye was declining even though she’d always had excellent vision.  When we worked through what was causing her vision to change, she connected with a deep sense of her own essential nature, a place that “knew” her distinct signature, a strong and familiar good feeling, if you will.  She had taken that essential nature underground in order to get along in the relationship, and had even learned to do that as a child.

She realized she must spend more time alone and with friends, and when she trust her feminine knowing, she could accept there was no room for her to be herself with her partner. As soon as she could “see” her truth, her vision improved.  It took a couple years to line her masculine “action” up with her feminine “knowing” and was she did, she was able to end her relationship.

What about the feminine in men?

A gentleman I worked with had a continually sore left shoulder.  When it was bad, it would extend to his wrist and palm.  Getting to know him revealed that he had a very intuitive side.  He had beautiful dreams, full of his deepest desires, and he had a knack of knowing where things would turn in business deals before they would happen.  When it came to his dreams outside of his business though, he experienced conflict.  He didn’t “trust” his creative urges, like writing, and painting.  He had been taught out of those pursuits early in his life, that they wouldn’t “support a family” or be a “real career”.  The problem was, his symptoms were stopping him from enjoying his life.  He couldn’t play sports, and now could barely sleep through the night.  We worked together on what his left shoulder was trying to tell him, and in tears, he admitted, his “heart just feels honest” when he’s writing.  That he feels most himself when he looks at thinks about designing art.  I asked what his work meant to him, he said, “I love that too, it’s just not the whole picture.  I can do both.”  His shoulder cleared up entirely that day, but returned a month later.  He admitted he had given up trust in following what he came up with in the session before.  We looked into it again, and he understood he might betray his family if he followed what he loved.  Once he worked that out, it wasn’t hard for him to trust what his feminine was telling him.

People’s bodies don’t betray them.  Your body is on your side.  Trust what it says, it’s the only one who knows…and that’s a feminine attribute.

Today’s episode is a short introduction to how I teach people about the feminine. May all beings know their true nature and be able to convey it peacefully and cooperatively. Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.42.21 PM “Never thought of it this way: @miakalef is talking about “The Feminine Intunes the “what” not the “how”. Check her out on #WatchTheSahius”
Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 4.42.21 PM“People’s bodies don’t betray them. Your body is on your side. Trust what it says, it’s the only one who knows.”