mia-bio“This book is not only about babies, it’s about you and me and the adults we become.”


Can you believe that our earliest months before and after birth go on to shape our health and our society?  I’m concerned about how our experiences as babies plays out in us today, and whether we are bringing children into the world with enough presencing and intention.  It’s important because the degree to which our early consciousness gets recognized goes on to shape how well our bodies work, how easily we love, and from there, the values and skills we form our societies around. Join me in celebrating, protecting, and redeeming our earliest consciousness.  It’s our next bold gesture of social action and social justice!    


“A gifted healer and passionate writer, Mia Kalef combines scientific findings, personal intuition and therapeutic insights for a fascinating view of prenatal experience and its lifetime consequences, the multigenerational and social influences that shape it, and the healing of its potentially traumatic imprints.” Gabor Maté M.D., Author, In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts: Close Encounters With Addiction


 After looking at the scientific evidence from the last 80 years, it is conclusive that we remember our experiences from in the womb and from birth. The implications for this are astounding! One of the most profound implications is that how we are treated at these early times has consequences. This means that uterine life and birth shape our bodies, our brains, and our behaviours. In my exploration for why these facts have been omitted from society’s understanding of health, I’ve uncovered centuries worth of reasons for it. Today’s wishes for a sustainable, non-violent, cooperative, and loving world just might have its pivot point in how children are brought into the world. It also may mean that we, as adults, can change our world by exploring our own early experiences and how they may have shaped our capacity for love. It’s an exciting time where we are free to safely explore all sorts of historically taboo territory. We are free to uncover The Secret Life of Babies. —M.


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