When Someone You Barely Know Changes Your Life

I think it’s probably happened to you–a chance or even planned meeting–during which the person you encounter turns out to be a messenger.  Something they say, model, or does leaves you with a knowing that you must change.

It happens to me about every ten years

The change can be in what work you do, how you move in the world, who you’re loyal too, a role you play…you know what I’m talking about.

For example, people often asked me how I got into working with prebirth and birth.  I’d like to think I know the answer, but I’m often baffled at how far down the rabbit hole of early consciousness I go.  I can say though that I remember the moment I first walked through the door of this path I know live.  I have one woman to thank– someone I hardly know, and who knows me even less.

This woman taught me a Craniosacral course in 1999.  It’s funny to say it now, even though I loved the content of the course, I was put off by her as a teacher.  She seemed steely, her eyes lacked light, she even looked grey, and after volunteering for her to demo a technique on me, I left her course feeling unwell.

Three years later, I decided it was time for the next level of coursework.  Wouldn’t you know it?  She was the teacher again.  I thought twice about it, and despite my previous unsavory time with her, booked in to the new course.

Arriving for the first day of the course, I walked in the room and couldn’t see the teacher anywhere.  Instead I saw a group of students surrounding a radiant, benevolent-looking woman with an almost apricot-coloured countenance.  Disarming as it was, I knew it was her!  I turned to my colleague, who had also been at the last course, and almost in almost perfect unison we looked at each other and said, “What the hell happened to her?”

As we all introduced ourselves, our teacher said what she’d been up to for the past few years:  She’d been studying how our prebirth and birth experiences shaped our life, and had discovered her umbilical cord had been around her neck at birth, and that she had been walking around believing she was going to die by asphyxiation her whole life.  She got a chance to re-do her birth the way her body had always wanted to, and felt really different now.

I didn’t know what it was called, or where I had to go to do it, but I knew I wanted what she had.

We don’t find our ideas on our own.  For the next month I’ll be honoring the people, who without, I would not be doing what I do today.  Follow me on FB and Twitter to see those tributes.

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