Love and The Soul of Things

With Therapist and Internationally Renowned Author

Mia Kalef

A New Program Starts Tuesday, November 10th, 2017

Discover Your Connection To The Soul Of Things

Receive Essential Practices and Guidance for Tapping Into the Living Energies Behind All Things and to Becoming a Vessel of Powerful Intuition

Our Wordless Teachers

There is a conversation between humans and the wordless world. It's between us and trees, winds, rivers, and snow, as well as with the worlds within us and between us. It's at this intersection where we find the soul of things. What if you could access your very own relationship with the heart of the subtle world and the greater energies that live us? Are you wishing to deepen your relationship to Nature and the Unseen, and their connection to your body, health, and life? Are you looking to relax into the healing that comes from growing your intuitive capacities? Can you imagine inhabiting a space of belonging and trust that comes from connecting with the world within and around you? The path of intuitive inquiry is not just for healers and sages, it's available to all human beings. The truth is: This world is your homecomng, even when you feel most alone.

Somato-Sensory Phenomenology

By applying intutive practices, passed down over centuries and millenia, you can consciously attune to wisdom and love from the world around you. To be human means to develop our capacities for compassion, equanimity, integrity, intimacy, and joy with other humans, and it also means to live in concert with the souls of other living beings. The oldest of human ways included regular communication with animals, birds, trees, oceans, rivers, snow, and rains, as well as the unseen world. Many of these practices were violently interrupted throughout history, and today, we are again blessed with the safety to practice these arts. In this course of inquiry, we will re-invite, and re-invigorate these ancient and modern ways, with a particular listening for the soul of the living things around us. We do this not as tourists, seeking thrill or an experience, but as devoted learners of the life that lives us.

“I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather. I possess tremendous power to make life miserable or joyous. I can be a tool of torture or an instrument of inspiration, I can humiliate or humor, hurt or heal. In all situations, it is my response that decides whether a crisis is escalated or de-escalated, and a person is humanized or de-humanized. ”

Dr. Mia Kalef

Mia Kalef, a practitioner of rare depth and humility, will guide you through the mystical and scientific princples and practices—beyond dogma and beyond religion—to unlock your personal intuitive ways and gifts for perceiving your relationships with Nature, the Unseen, other people, and your body and psyche.

Mia is one of the newest leading voices in the field of pre and perinatal psychology and health, and a trained practitioner in mixing healing practices with ancient ritual. Her books and other writings are read across more than twenty countries—on subjects ranging from healing, to prebirth and birth psychology, to indigenous wisdom, and embodied intuitive practices.

Having matured a step-by-step process for entering into relationship with the subtle world, within and without, Mia is an impeccable guide for your own path of inquiry into love and the soul of things.

Intuition is not just a talent or a gift, it is a redemptive skill, forming the pillar of relationship. Intuition acts as our portal positioned at the crux where life force emerges and animates all things.

Intuition is not a tool for self again or to bolster pride, it is a natural and hard earned human art. It will not relieve you of your ethics, or of your unique responsibilities to heal your past wounds, yet it will fortify you on your path, restoring your confidance that you do belong in the greater ecosystem. As a result your relationships will thrive, even when there's conflict.

Your everyday decisions will become more meaninful at work and at home. Navigating your health and life will be richer and more deeply informeed, all by a mature and grounded approach.

Mia Kalef will re-introduce you to the love and communion that is your birthright. Her presence marries feminine grace with piercing clarity and an unrelenting dedication to authentic listening and embodied understanding.

During this powerful practice, Mia will share with you:

  • A felt experience of love as the inter-connecting substance of life's intelligence.
  • How gently and kindly differentiating between fantasy and intuition heals the human heart.
  • How the truth can continue informing relationship, every time we connect.
  • How the natural world reveals itself to us, heightening our importance in our shared ecosystem.
  • That reciprocity lies between us and our ancestors, and how they participate in our dreams and life paths.
  • That our bodies can attune to all the wordless teachers, making us integral members of the global and cosmic ecosystems.
  • How our longing to become ever more human can be fulfilled through exploring the frontiers of our consciousness.
  • That ancient and modern intuitive practices are related and that we can blend them peacefully.
  • How knowing the light in the other is one of the greatest gifts that can be given.
  • How each person knows their experience, and the world is bettered by every person's unique, artful, and candid expressions.

What you will discover in every class

Since you were a child, this place in you knows wholeness. It might not always be palpable or even conscious, but with or without you; something alive grows between you and this world. By sheer nature of being born in a human body, you have access to understanding that is as old as this planet. It evolves out of the experiences of all our ancestors. Previous "lived" experience of our work is not necessary to tap into the natural energies and intelligence available to us.

While you will come to it in your own way, perhaps entirely unrecognizable to that of your fellow journeyers, you will know it by its depth, and by having traced the raw edges of your keenest subtle senses, and even, perhaps, by your contented awakeness come end of day.

Through ancient and modern practices we will move, concentrate, speak, dance, journey by drum, create, ritualize, and track, all to make steps towardslove and the soul of things.

Class 1 : Homecoming

We gather and step into the story of rememberance, of a time when we knew no separation. This practice is what Heidgger called, the "I and Thou", and what what Owen Barfield called, "Participation". By examining the cultural and historical experience of separation, we make steps back to relationship; and back home.

How can we resolove isolation through relationship without surrendering freedom?

By opening the senses, finding the unique intuitive perception you were born to use, and discovering what questions the work has for us, we begin making our way.

Class 2 : The Wordless Teachers

Hands filled with offering, we journey to the wordless teachers around us to court a new relationship. Can we discipline ourselves to connect with nature while restrain from seeking fulfilment from nature? Using Goethean phenomenological methods, art, and words, we come to know the great beings who precede us. Movement, council, and feast work in accompaniment to our expeditions.

Class 3 : Hearing Our Song

Who are the ones who bring us our gifts? Who are the people who made it so we are adept at our greatest talents? The ancestral world lives not far from here. How might we take our best layed plans and put them at the feet of the ones we cannot see? Together we map our ancestral family fields, make gestures of inquiry, and move towards greater coherence through council and dance. We journey again to the natural world to petition for continued support in our work.

Class 4 : The Singing Bone

Now, after requesting support from the Otherworld, we finally journey within. By gently courting and seeking contact with the earliest forms of our bodies, we then examine our own gesture of human to human connection. How can we rely on one another without eliminating our relationships with the worldess teachers? Through story, movement, and healing, we encounter the world living us from within, and explore the experience of rest and communion in the human realm.

Will You Join?

This work is human's work, emerging out of both our prehistoric iheritance, that which moves us from within our bones, and a modern need to return to our most ancient ways.

For this then, there is little to teach. Simply much to remember even more for you to be remembered.

Come return your words, steps, and actions to the vine of your people and the human ancestry. Bring your ancient, but not forgotten knowing, plus your lived experience of your own life to your fellow journeyers, and the living world herself. Your presence divines the future through the ashes of our times.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Q: What is phenomenology?

A: The word comes from the ancient Greek, "phainomenon" (that which appears) and "logos" (study). Phenomenology became a known philosphical inquiry at the beginning of the 20th century, but actually arose even earlier in response to the largely physicalist and materialistic scientific and medical ethos of the Enlightenment. That era often believed there was no animating force inside beings, but that we and all of life were like machines. For the purposes of Sahius practice, we will use Johann Wolfgang Goethe's scientifc phenomenology and principles of Rudolph Steiner, and other phiosophers, Heideger and Levinas, who supported an understanding that our understanding of life comes through relationship with the other.

p>Q: Can I get benefit from this practice even if I miss a class?

A: Each class repeats two or three times a year, so if you missed one class, you can attend during the next cycle. You can attend all the classes more than once, as they will be continually evolving, and so will your practice.

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Q: Can you tell me more about what happens during each class?

A: After you register below, you will receive a welcome note that lays the classes out in more detail. The goal of every session is to explore what contact means with the soul of the other. Sometimes this other is another person or an aspect of your body or psyche. Sometime the other is a tree or plant, an animal, or perhaps even beings that we cannot see.

Every activity is designed to take you deeper into your intuitive skills, so to strenghten our invitation to the other to reveal themself. We do this through drum journeys, indoor movement practices, discussion, dance, outdoor rituals, and outdoor phemomenological practices.

Q: Are there scholarships available for this practice?

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Q: What is your refund policy?

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Q: Do I need previous experience to take these classes?

A: The easy answer is, "no". Bringing your curiousity, your interest in the nature of life, and your courage to explore, are the best qualitfications! Many of the practices will require participants to "forget" what they already know and to use different tools and skills than they are used to using. Each activity explored, whether working with trees, ancestors, movement, or own life's story, will rely on each participant's inborn human qualities. This diversity is one of the pillars of this work.

The philosophical background to the Sahius Practice is Animism, that all things are animated with a living force. This might be new to some participants, but will not conflict with any religious beliefs, or with atheism.

Q: I hear that we sometimes work outside. What happens when it's raining or cold?

A: Your comfort is important to us! Every class will focus on balancing the work at hand with ease and safety so you can enjoy and focus! It's true, sometimes class will take place in the forest, and occassionally at the ocean. You will be given lots of notice so you can bring warm clothes, and if needed, waterproof outerwear.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact mia directly.


This journey will be like no other. Your presence gifts the world with capacities only you were born with. This place of practice is dedicated to gently and respectfully courting our human relationships with our surrounding world. We are honoured for you to join us for this exceptional, expansive, grounded, and transformative experience.

We value your business and your privacy. As a registrant of Sahius Practice For Somato-Sensory Phenomenology, we promise to keep all contact (personal and financial) information confidential.