Coming Soon: Incarnational Gestures Audio Series

When I began teaching Incarnational Gestures at the beginning of the Pandemic, people asked if I would record them.  At the time I was suggesting songs that could go with them, so people might download them and make their own playlist to use while watching the class recordings.  Well, I finally got my hands on a great microphone, and have teamed up with the wonderful sound designer, Edgardo Moreno, to bring you Level 1 Incarnational Gestures.  

An excerpt from Incarnational Gestures 1: Cellular Breathing

We’re just working on the final two tracks and then I hope to release the 8-Gesture series  before the holiday season.  With your purchase  you’ll receive a pdf explaining the background of each gesture and and over 3 hours of gentle expert guidance.  You’ll experience how each gesture relates to your adult life, and use them as a daily, weekly, or periodic practice to relax and enliven how you live in your world.  The idea is that what we practice as embryos and birthing babies becomes the ways we move, think, feel as adults.  The embryo is the firmament upon which we grow our lives.  

You can use these gestures for your own prebirth and birth healing, as a gift for guiding others in your life, or in your professional practice.  They are designed to bring you home to a more whole experience in your body and being, to assist you in healing challenging prebirth and birth experiences, and to give you a powerful and re-freshing daily or weekly practice.