It’s dark, you’re moving, and a compelling spiral of potency is rising up from the bottom of your body. Fluid is all around you, and you are drawing nourishment deeply into your core from out in front of you.

So far, you’ve come from the stars and returned back again, maybe several times even, negotiating the distance between there and here. The more you arrive, the more you feel a sense of place. That “place” is becoming your body and the more often you arrive, the more “here-like” you look and act.

What’s going on?  This sounds like a possible LSD journey, and very well could be, but in this case, you are a three week old embryo and the “you” inside you is making it’s way up the middle of your already gut and nervous system-endowed body.  The “you” inside you, according, to my colleague, Embryologist, Dr. Japp van Der Wal, is your heart in its earliest stages of development.

In his work on, The Embryo in Us, van Der Wal describes how the first pulsations of our heart field (even before we form the organ of our heart) are the very first time we gain a sense of “I” and of being “here” as a unique and incarnated being.

The heart is where you locate and with each pulsation in this early stage your are gesturing, “here I am, then I go, here I am, then I go” and from there you start growing in. It’s now that someone lives there until your heart stops and you die.”Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 2.07.17 AM

What I translate van Der Wal to be saying is that the heart is our organizing environment from inside which we fully incarnate. And the further we commit to becoming a body, the greater our sense of self and of “being here”. I also understand that he’s suggesting that getting to the point of being fully here means travelling back and forth between Source and Earth.

Another hallmark of van Der Wal’s work gets into how in order to function and develop in the outside world, we have to practice on the inside world of the womb. In other words, the gestures we make as a developing embryo, in the form of say, growing an organ system, do not stop there.  They form the primary steps for how those organs and systems will later function. This means that this coming and going as a way of negotiating incarnation with a final arrival and deepening into the heart will echo throughout our lives- first in how our circulatory system develops and later how we relate to ourselves, being alive, and to others. In his words, “morphology leads to physiology and physiology leads to psychology”.

Watch today’s episode of The Sahius, which in van Der Wal’s terms, talks about the psychological end of the maturation- from heart field, to the organ system and organ, to a heartfelt life. Once we experience the energetic trajectory of our hearts, we are now living as fully incarnated humans.  As adults, we can retrace the still living tracks of these earlier embryonic morphological gestures, which you’ll see begin with Source, anchor in Earth, and come to rest in the heart.

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Since I’m a fellow journeyer on the path, know that much of what I share is coming from the excitement of what I’m learning alongside you. Thank you for continuing to walk with me.

Our next episode will be on something everyone has questions about, including me- the relationship between Masculine and Feminine.