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A mentor of mine, Ray Castellino, once said, “if a baby can’t breathe after he’s born, and the birth’s been relatively “normal”, have the parent’s make a connection.  It’s in the tension field of their relationship that the baby thrives.”

It was one of those moments where you simultaneously are blown away by the genius of the one making the statement, and strangely, also aware that somewhere in you already has the awareness, it’s just buried away from conscious awareness.

We all know that we thrive in an environment that has what you could call, “good tone” or “aliveness”, whether that’s because we have a community that understands and wants our gifts or because we find beauty in our surroundings and that’s comforting.  For the myriad of ways we find “right relationship” between our inside and outside our own thriving can be attributed to the quality of the tension field we inhabit.  Now where we run into trouble is when we really solely on our external world to give us a sense of belonging or place:  People need to treat us “just so” in order to want to spend time with them, or the weather has to be just right in order for us to be in a good mood…or…or…the “or’s” go on.

In this week’s teaching, I’m getting into how to inhabit your own tension field, in other words, create it yourself, that is with the help of Sky and Earth, or Heaven and Earth.

Why bother?  Well, it’s where potency arises.  It’s the place from which good conversation can be born, from where harmonious and intense sexual union arises.  It’s where a child, once born, can find the spark to light their life-force and breathe fully.  It’s the space of conception, procreation, and creation of all worthwhile art.

The tension field arises from connecting with equal commitment and awareness to both poles of Sky/Heaven and Earth.  If we can imagine ourselves lovingly suspended between Heaven and Earth, then we can embody our essential nature, which is experienced through our central channel.

Sky holds our origins, Earth our destinations, and the human incarnational realm lies in the potency of the in-between, it’s the Middle World.  By living into the full space of exactly where you are- an incarnated being, full of density and levity, leads to your next best step, the place where your genius and your soul converge.

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Next episode we’ll talk about one of my favourite practices and pieces of work these days: The Heart.