Coming to earth is the consequence of our conception.  When we cleave from spirit/sky/source, earthward is our intended direction.  With incarnation comes matter; including density and gravity.  The degree of coherence our parents, their ancestries, and our present and past communities have will determine the qualities we must contend with as we enter and begin organizing our forms with the guidance of human morphic fields.  Not all conceptuses come the whole way down, simply hovering, “neither here nor there”, as Embryologist, Jaap van Der Wal, says, or some return to spirit/sky/source early in pregnancy.

Your mother and all that influences her are your first Earth.  The degree to which she has arrived and continues to arrive will inform not only what you do, but how you will relate with all your future earths: Your body, your lower centres, and other living beings, including this planet.  This is why supporting mothers to rest and experience love before conception and during pregnancy shapes our world.

Once here, coming to earth does not end.  This is why we are becoming ever more human.  It is now our’s and our community’s jobs to bring us into circumstances that intentionally mature us; earth us.  We grow capacities, that once underway, endow us with the discernment to make sense-driven, and by consequence, relationship-driven choices, ones based in consideration for not only other people, but the elements we are made of: Earth, water, fire, and air.  Although we are the unique convergence of spirit, soul, the elements, and the ongoing evolution of consciousness, some things do not change. We are of this place.

For this reason I’m reluctant to agree that humans are responsible for the planet’s imbalances.  Acts that lack regard for life are not human.  They are non-human.  As Stephen Jenkinson wisely states, “it is within the realm of human to forget how to be human sometimes.”  In other words, it is a community’s responsibility to see to it that its members are reminded and disciplined in the arts of human-making.  From there, it is our choice whether we apply humanness to everyday decisions.

So we are talking about the humanness we can bring to our partners and the in-coming soul at life-begginings like conception.  We are talking about how well we equate our health with that of the world’s (do we care for water, air, and earth quality as we would what flows in our own bloodstreams?).  And we are speaking about how well we come to the understanding that even though life might be viable on other planets, there’s no mistake we belong to this one, and with it, enjoy an ephemeral life fraught with experiences both wanted and unwanted.

So what if Earth were waiting for us?  That the further we concede to our humanness (the more earthed we become) the more herself she becomes.  What if her becoming had us in mind?  That she is no more an accident than we are?  What if we were born to serve the other and our greatest act of generosity was to fully give ourselves to her?

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In memory of David Matthew Aronson, April 4, 1967- January 10, 2015.