Why do body pain, emotional tendencies, and life circumstances tend to repeat themselves?

Many people don’t realize their bodies have an underlying energetic structure around which their tissues organize. These patterns have been there since before you even grew your body, as early as the first few days and weeks in the womb.

These energetic structures are necessary because they shepherd your cells to their chosen destinations.  Your ribs, brain, and limbs all know where to start growing because your energetic anatomy guides them.  You in a sense “inherit” your shepherds- they come from all the living humans who have come before you, especially the ones you are most closely related to by blood.

This also means that the physical habits you have today, like your posture, your organ functions, and our emotional responses have roots from your prebirth and birth, but also from your preconception.

So what we’re looking at is inheritance is much more complex than genes. The work of Rupert Sheldrake and Bruce Lipton go into some great explanations for how this is so with Morphic Resonance and Epigenetics respectively; two scientific paradigms I use to explain my model of therapy called, The Family Field.

Over the next six episodes I’m going to explore several key energetic axes and how they express physically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally.

The first, as featured here, is called Heaven, Source, or Spirit.

As you’ll see in the episode of The Sahius below, there is a downward movement arising from a place above our heads that serves as the tail of the comet we came in on during our conception.

A mentor of mine likes to call our energetic field a drop. He says that every drop has a tail, which in our case at conception, is the trail of our energetic self that has last cleaved from the greater field or source we emerge from.

Why is energetic anatomy important?

Our patterns, including physical pain, emotional imbalance, and even disease processes, are inter-related with the greater whole. We can work with the greater whole, including our past and future by understanding how to work with our energetic anatomy. Healing can happen in our physical tissues, but for real shifts to happen, we must also work in our energetic tissues.

Tweet: We all cleave from Source and return there, so for this short time let’s become fully human.

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