Mind and the Future

Some people are great manifestors- they think of what they want to accomplish and then go about getting it done.  Some use sheer willpower, which although impressive, doesn’t always take into consideration the variety of needs of those around them, and others are well, just simply gifted with clarity of task, an excellent sense of timing, and the skills for going about recruiting the necessary resources to bring the thing off.

There’s a lot of strange talk out there about manifesting and “manifesting your desires”.  Like who’s even really to say whether our desires are so right all the time.  Bruce, my man, and I talk about this all the time:  What’s the balance or the difference between service and what you feel like doing?  What does it mean when put your heart into something and it doesn’t work out?  Were you wrong to want it in the first place?

Because the mind can get so cluttered with ideas of right and wrong, “wants” and “don’t wants”, and “is this service or martyrdom?”, i often find I need to take all the thinking back to a simple form:  Deciphering sensations.

Our mind is not the only mind in need of mediation.  Our body has mind too.  And yes, that mind can also be meditated on.

This episode of the Sahius is a very quick study on how to manifest the future by working with the mind of body sensations.

Because I go through it really quickly (I was quite excited during the filming and was just going for it) I’ll try to summarize what I mean right here before you watch:

1. Mystics say imagination or our desires are the future.

2. And that the physical world or the body is the past.

3. We can evoke the future into the present by lining our desires up with a sensation in our body.

4. The technique is similar to meditation- you can interrupt thinking by returning to equanimity.  This retrains your thinking habits.

5. We can do the same thing with physical sensations- discomforts, anxieties, urgencies, disease processes.

6.  Take your desired physical sensation i.e.) ease, freedom, restfulness, or your version of truth. and conjure it up in your body. It forms a constant against which your unwanted “mind states of body” can gauge against.  Effectively you gently interrupt your unwanted sensation with the option of the desired one.  The desired one “takes” because it is free of ego, it is effectively more true according to a coherent universe.

7.  My experience is that through this, the future becomes manifest.  Desire and imagination turn into matter.

This is something we’d likely spend weeks over several years practicing and then you would practice continually yourself when we’re not together, so if this sounds confusing our like a big ask, well, be assured, it is!

And don’t get me wrong- some physical experiences can’t be changed through mind processes.  I’m a living example of that.  Surgery helped bring my physical body into alignment with my energetic “more true” desire.

So for now, let’s play around and see what’s possible!

“I’m creating the future I want to belong to on #WatchTheSahius.”

I’m curious what we can do together.  What we can dream of and make manifest.  They say, if you’re dreaming of it, it must already live somewhere.  May these great experiments in becoming ever more human carry on!