Believe in the Night

I’m not sure how many years ago it was when I decided to refrain from doing as is done, and instead began experimenting with following my own natural rhythms.  Many years later, I’ve become quite comfortable at finding out what feels “right” for me at any given moment and whether it’s in my highest and happiest to join in- even with cultural norms.
Back then, I was pretty green at this.  The consequences of following my own rhythm ran the gambit from working on long weekends (pretty benign in the grand scheme) to more dramatic and potentially easy-to-be-made-fun-of things like meditating in the dark instead of going to a friend’s Christmas party. I can admit that in the beginning it looked a little self-righteous (as inspired beginnings often look) and now I’m proud to say that I’m doing more of an “all-inclusive” life in which I practice bringing my whole self wherever I go (I usually leave the meditation cushion at home though.)

Even though there are a thousand roads to Mecca (meaning living a whole life doesn’t have to include so-called spiritual practices) I’d like to offer a little plug for the most under-recognized qualities hanging around the Northern Hemisphere and worth revering at this time of year.  Click on the video below to watch my ode to darkness.

And if you feel like tweeting the gist of this, here’s one for you:
Celebrate Solstice by letting darkness become the great bride of the light.

If getting started seems a little out of reach, you may find yourself urged along by Rainer Maria Rilke’s words:

You, darkness, of whom I am born-

I love you more than the flame
that limits the world
to the circle it illuminates
and excludes all the rest.

But the dark embraces everything:
shapes and shadows, creatures and me,
people, nations-just as they are.

It lets me imagine
a great presence stirring beside me.

I believe in the night.

…..and I believe in you. Stay warm.