Your Body’s On Your Side: P.3- Recapitulation

Recapitulation describes what happens when an event plays out with uncannily similar physical postures, behaviors, emotions, and even circumstances as the original, challenging, imprinting life experience. When you are confronted with an environment that is similar to the one that first led to an imprint, it’s as if a “play” button has been pressed on Read more about Your Body’s On Your Side: P.3- Recapitulation[…]

A Future To Belong To

How early did you start perceiving your world?  Was it when you were a toddler?  After you were born?  Recently, a colleague lent me his copy of Louis Cozolino, Professor of Psychology at Peperdine University’s book, The Neuroscience of Human Relationships: Attachment and the Developing Social Brain. In it, Cozolino shares relevant neuroscience research (largely guided Read more about A Future To Belong To[…]