Leading Through Love

This week, in honour of Remembrance Day in Canada,  I’m
talking about how modelling peace can only come once
we’ve confronted our losses.  Countries continually at war rarely have
opportunity to grieve, express anguish, and the rage associated with relatives,
friends, and community members dying for reasons associated with war.
No sooner have atrocities happened before life must either carry on or brace
for the next insult.

This sets up what I call a Cortisol Axis, a prevailing physiological state associated
with long term stress.  In today’s episode of The Sahius below, I talk about both the
Cortisol Axis, and the Oxytocin Axis, the prevailing state of love and how no matter
the degree of anguish, can be restored.  Can peace come through any other way?

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Sustainable leadership includes the capacity to love

May our world soften into the Oxytocin Axis, may we all have a place to do this safely in.