Becoming Ever More Human

Six months ago I was asked to come up with three phrases that would define what I stand for.
I had long lists. The litany of “important things” had no end. Pages and pages of scribbling and brainstorming made me feel overwhelmed and unfocused.
Then I started seeing a pattern.

There were several themes.  No, they weren’t tidy, or even logical, let alone “saleable”, but what all three themes had in common was that they felt true.  In one category, everything I was interested fell under what it means to “become more human”.  They were things like intuition, finding the source of health in one’s own body, learning to live without what you most long for….all the things they don’t tell you about when the first give you the manual!

It brings me to why I’ve developed something called the Intuitive Recovery Project.  As you might have already read in the sample in my book, The Secret Life of Babies: How Our Prebirth and Birth Experiences Shape Our World, Intuitive Recovery it’s actually nothing new.  Healing, transformation, the capacity to explore inner states of consciousness, they’ve all been around for a long time.

One module is called, Hearing Our Song: Prenatal and Birth Healing Workshop.  The term, “Hearing Our Song” comes from a story I’ve heard and told many times about a song ritual out of Africa that effectively lasts a lifetime.  I tell it again in my talk below.

The work of Hearing Our Song, as you’ll hear me speak about, is akin to aligning with soul; your birthright.  I hope you enjoy this talk which I gave on September 25th at Banyen Books in Vancouver, Canada.

And if it comes to pass that we meet along the way for a Becoming Ever More Human experience, perhaps to hear your song, I will be most honoured.