Leaning Into The Light

Healing is the business of tracking soul. Before we are conceived and as soon as we’re in our tiny, emerging bodies, we want to be known. It is in these places where the big events of coming in, growing, being born, and living our existence stick with us. If soul, for one reason or another, has not encountered anyone tracking or noticing them, a sort of injury ensues. As a matter of soul’s right to wholeness, that soul or embryo persists in the state it was in when overlooked and goes on beckoning recognition all throughout life until it gets it. One of the ways soul does this is by offering our body and person symptoms.

I meet families who say they knew they were going to parent a particular soul. The soul came to them either in a dream or in a vision letting one or both of the parents know they were coming to them as their child. Sometimes those messages came with instructions, but often simply as a knowing.

It was once a custom for all of us to do a ceremony to welcome or invite our children to join us before lovemaking. It is less customary to do this now, largely because it is considered outside the norm of our culture to even think we are soul or that soul can communicate like this.

Because soul wants to be known or tracked when coming into form and throughout our growing time in the womb, birth, and throughout life, courting them, responding to their beauty, and grieving how heart-breaking their beauty is or that we’ve overlooked them is restorative to humanity.

There are physical injuries that come with challenging births, for mothers, partners, and for babies, but one of the biggest injuries or losses can be even earlier- at conception, when your soul is first interfacing with your form. There are many ways this can happen- most often due to limiting cultural beliefs that babies as early as their conception aren’t “present” or sentient. These limiting cultural beliefs often extend to babies even later, while nursing, or when reaching out to make contact with their parents or caregivers. Another common way injuries happen is when one or both parents have chemicals in their systems like alcohol or drugs.  Even reluctance can set up a chemical field that an incoming soul can sense.

When we restore health to anyone, whether they are a young baby, child, teen, or adult, we are essentially courting soul; finding connection with lifeshaping moments that are still waiting there to be picked up, carried, loved, and known.  (from my yet-to-be-released book on healing imprints from prebirth and birth)

Here’s a way back to your soul, your unique individual light that has been living with you ever since you were conceived.

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On August 19th I’ll speak and write about another one of life’s incarnational journeys: birth.