Hearing Our Song

What People Are Saying

  • “I can honestly say I have never witnessed such a skillful or graceful group facilitator.”

    • S.A.
  • “In Mia I saw an inspired being who, in her work, has no personal agenda but to help others find the source of their suffering, and to gently help them heal. With a non-dogmatic, grounded, informed and compassionate approach, she helped me look at past situations and currents in my history that have lead me to the blocks I circumvent. Through the group process, being witnessed and received, I feel the courage to dissolve my blocks and become whole.”

    • K.M.
  • “This is unique, and very special work. The kind of work that requires a balance in trusting the mystery, the unknown and allowing room for what wants to happen, and yet requires integrity to uphold some of the core disciplined structure of the process itself. Mia is a fine-tuned master weaver of this.”

    • S.B.
  • “In my very humble opinion Mia is a genius. I was moved more than once during the work at the depth of attunement and sensitivity that she has. She was so brilliantly able to zero right into the place, through gesture or sentiment, that each participant was calling forth. She creates such a sense of safety and comfort, and then really holds each group member so dearly to safely and efficiently move through the work. It was not only valuable for me to do the work and be privy to the work of each participant, but to have Mia as such an exquisite model of the principles to really help me “get” how this work is so powerful. So thankful. ”

    • C.B.
  • “I have a solidified knowing of who I am within—connected to source—and who I am out in the world. I have reaffirmed trusting my being.”

    • A.E.
  • “Mia's authentic and grounded way enabled me to feel safe and protected. Her spiritual dimensions helped me recharge and find inspiration to access the best parts of myself and I am so grateful.”

    • C.S.
  • “Her facilitation is superb and inspired... ”

    • R.B.
  • “Mia held my unique needs in priority from a place of strength and love, and facilitated a kind of holding and healing I didn’t even know I needed. There is something about being witnessed in this way—as whole, perfect, and precious—that so many of us missed in our early days. Mia models exquisitely the compassion for this lack that can heal our deep grief and help us become more whole, in our selves and as a society.”

    • C.S.
  • “ This work feels absolutely necessary to me. What is most remarkable is the way in which it touches the whole Self: body, mind, psyche, spirit, soul. It is a truly holistic therapy. I can’t even imagine the way of the world if everyone had the opportunity to work in this way. There would certainly be more peace, more kindness, more connection, more time for what really matters.”

    • C.S.
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Hearing Our Song Prebirth and Birth Healing Workshop

Are you distracted by interruptions in your focus, ease, and well-being? Perhaps you find yourself in the same relationship, health, or career impasse, year after year, with no visible explanation? Maybe you suffer with chronic sadness, anxiety, or self-destructive habits? Whether you were told about your birth or about when your mother carried you, it's possible your prebirth and birth experiences are still playing out in your daily life. Described as "Safe, attuned, and loving..", this small group experience has the possibility to reach the roots of these troubling habits. Over several days you and a small group of others practice naturally restorative skills while each person is facilitated through a 2-3 hour session. Mia gently and safely follows you to the heart of your unique long-held prebirth, birth, or early memories so to make space for the feelings that wanted to happen long ago and for that early stage of development to unfold as it would have liked to now, as though a second chance has come about. The atmosphere is filled with understanding, cooperation, gentle pacing, and clarity. Craniosacral therapy, osteopathic techniques, as well as meaningful dialogue and self-regulating skills are blended to make for a truly healing experience. Enjoy a change of internal and external landscape over the months and years to follow—namely greater intimacy, greater physical and emotional ease, and a greater sense of belonging in your life.

Next two workshop dates to be announced. Aussie-friendly workshops will begin at 7am AUS/12pm PST/3pm EST each day and finish by 1 or 2pm AUS/ 6 or 7pm PST/ 9 or 10pm EST. European and Middle Eastern friendly workshops will begin at 6am PST/9am EST/4pm Eastern European Standard Time(GM+2), and complete by 1 or 2pm PST/ 3 or 4pm EST/ 9 or 10pm European Standard Time (GM+2).

Each day of the workshop will vary slightly depending on the length of sessions. For the most part, there will be 2 two to three hour sessions per day with an approximate one hour break in between. These are estimates to allow for an organic unfolding. Self-care figures largely into the principles of the workshop, so even though your computer will be on, and you will be in attendance, there is room for changing positions, reclining, resting, hydrating, and eating during every session as you see fit. You will be asked to be in attendance for all six sessions over the three days.

Previous study or therapy with Mia is required. You will need a blanket, a comfortable place to sit or lie within camera view, and access to at least one other trusted person whom you can visit with during or after the workshop. Please read the agreements before knowing if this workshop is a fit for you. And please note that the brochure below and some of the cancellation policies are specific to in-person retreats, and may not apply to online retreat. The workshop is $700 CAD. Email Mia to register and for more questions. mia@miakalef.com

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