Two years ago I had an unusual dream:  Two Naguals, a woman and a man, (naguals are shamans in  Toltec culture and accompanying spirits in Meso-American healing journeys) entered a small indoor pavillion filled with friends from my hometown community.  All there sought healing from these two.  The naguals tended to each person in the stands, Read more about Nagual[…]

Land’s End

Last night I dreamed about a narrow, rocky shoreline. About a mile long, its end curved out into a point facing out towards the sea.  The water was not like ours, up here, in the Pacific Northwest, dark green and grey.  It was azure, bright, and clear.  As I walked the shore, I walked towards the elemental– Read more about Land’s End[…]

Child Spirit

Today I’m sharing a conversation I had with John-Luke Edwards and Nikiah Seeds of The Forked Stick.  I always enjoy stepping out amongst the shamanly types, there’s a kind of poetic license you’re almost guaranteed when you’re talking with someone whose website is called Wolfindark. You’re welcome to listen to the full two hours, which includes another Read more about Child Spirit[…]