What Is Sahius

Moonlight shines over the dry Mongolian steppes.  The expanse is no longer lush with the great green organ that used to feed life.  Many decades ago, while the regime claimed control of these areas, the  grasslands dried up.  First it was the wolves who weren’t welcome.  The commanders didn’t like the helplessness they felt when they couldn’t protect their Read more about What Is Sahius[…]


In this article I wrote for Currents magazine, a once a year journal dedicated to the work of Body-Mind Centering, I write about a very personal experience. Two and a half years ago, I underwent abdominal surgery to remove a growth, and thanks to the story I tell in this article, I recovered very well. I Read more about Indwelling[…]

When To Break A Natural Law

Bruce and I saw this great movie last night: Dr. Strange.  Don’t worry, I won’t give the film away—it’s definitely worth seeing.  In it, Dr. Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, goes on a spiritual pilgrimage.  The film plays with all sorts of permutations and combinations about time, that support, refute, and re-configure our understanding of it. Since entering Read more about When To Break A Natural Law[…]

Do We Need Each Other?

You’ve seen them, and maybe even have been gifted them: Philanopsis, otherwise known as orchids. They are stunningly gorgeous for a few weeks and if you’re lucky, for a few months. If you’re anything like me, not all that gifted with plants, you marvel that such rare and exotic beings live alongside you, effortlessly esteeming your aesthetic, and ultimately mourn that Read more about Do We Need Each Other?[…]