Hurricanes, Dinosaurs, and Birth

“Scientists began with the assumption that they were learning about the physical processes at work ‘out there’ in stars, hurricanes, dinosaurs, and so forth. Then one day, it began to dawn on us that we were actually studying the processes that gave birth to ourselves.” Brian Swimme

I’ve recently wondered about the similarities between human healing and other natural events. My research has only begun, and yet I’ve found some very interesting bodies of work to support my curiosity. One is by mathematical cosmologist, Dr. Brian Swimme, known for his work, The Powers of The Universe. In it, he outlines eleven agreed upon qualities that scientists say the Universe partakes in while it evolves. Upon reading them for the first time, I noticed each was familiar; and in some way mirrored common themes in human healing. The list —Seamlessness, Centration, Allurement, Emergence, Homeostasis, Cataclysm, Synergy, Transmutation, Transformation, Interrelatedness, and Radiance— all are words we might apply to the rhythms of our physiological and emotional lives.

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