Aiming For Shame Or Guilt?

Want to send a tweet?  Shame freezes us, guilt mobilizes us to do better.” Which are you doing? @WatchTheSahius “Are you aiming for shame or for guilt?” Decide on #WatchTheSahius  

What Babies Want

“Notice children’s gestures. Ask, “What are they showing me?” @miakalef on “Babies manage trauma by looking away. Invite them to connect gently.” @miakalef #birth#trauma#recovery “Rather than coerce, comply with children’s preferences for touch.”#child#health#respect

The Edge of Your Becoming

Did you like what you hear?  Feel free to tweet these out to your followers! What’s your edge? @miakalef says, “Your leading edge is the edge of your becoming.” Sign up for free “The Universe learns through you—even through your so-called mistakes.” What’s your leading edge?