Aiming For Shame Or Guilt?

Want to send a tweet?  Shame freezes us, guilt mobilizes us to do better.” Which are you doing? @WatchTheSahius “Are you aiming for shame or for guilt?” Decide on #WatchTheSahius  

What Babies Want

“Notice children’s gestures. Ask, “What are they showing me?” @miakalef on “Babies manage trauma by looking away. Invite them to connect gently.” @miakalef #birth#trauma#recovery “Rather than coerce, comply with children’s preferences for touch.”#child#health#respect

The Edge of Your Becoming

Did you like what you hear?  Feel free to tweet these out to your followers! What’s your edge? @miakalef says, “Your leading edge is the edge of your becoming.” Sign up for free “The Universe learns through you—even through your so-called mistakes.” What’s your leading edge?

Making Space

It’s been over twenty five years since I began my healing journey. Each five-year handful has had it’s own flavour. Early on I’d look for understanding—to know what was bothering me.  Knowing was important, because my early life was full of deceit.  But once I “knew” my real history, a deeper motivator had to emerge, something sophisticated. Read more about Making Space[…]

Non Violent Waiting

“How can we wait with neither fear nor force?” @miakalef is blogging about #NonViolence “Why fill the void with tension when a birth must come out of that darkness?” #WatchTheSahius with @miakalef