Making Space

It’s been over twenty five years since I began my healing journey. Each five-year handful has had it’s own flavour. Early on I’d look for understanding—to know what was bothering me.  Knowing was important, because my early life was full of deceit.  But once I “knew” my real history, a deeper motivator had to emerge, something sophisticated. sustaining.  There were stages of acceptance, or the occasional flare of wanting to be done healing once and for all (“knowing’s” adolescent cousin).  After years of dedicated work. the “more sophisticated thing” has morphed into a sense of space.  Teachers and healers who have been at this for a long time talk about it— settled organs, freedom between tissues, restfulness in the body, a mind that is neither racing nor collapsed, but dynamically alive and restful.  Having just stepped into the beginnings of this experience myself, I would add a buoyant sense of home to this list of qualities. 

My guest, Brian Finnie, has been quietly going about his work for over thirty five years.  He teaches and embodies these qualities and has guided and mentored many (including me) along their path.  Brian comes to his work through a background in wilderness guiding, Tibetan meditation, meeting with spiritual masters around the world, and by the inspirations of his own healing journey. I’m indebted to him for guiding me in how to work with many layers of Self and especially with Energetic Anatomy.

Listen to my interview with Craniosacral Therapist, Brian Finnie, as we speak about:

*if you’re having trouble opening the interview try downloading the file.  

  • Embodying the Spaciousness of Nature
  • How without awareness, we inadvertently replace religious, societal, and familial dogma with spiritual “beliefs”
  • The inherent gift of life challenges
  • AND Brian’s wish for future generations

brian interview

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