Healing is a long journey, a life-long one in fact.  Years ago I used to be certain that one day I’d be “done”.  Today I feel otherwise.  Today, I revere my challenges as gifts, as beckoning calls from my soul back to me saying, “come here, come closer, know me, I’m here to guide you.”

As I shared last time, addictions are one of these gifts.  They are a cover of sorts, a diversion, if you will, from a deeper, more vulnerable, and un-grieved layer of self…a layer of self longing to surface and become known.

Today I’m sharing the “sequel” to my discussion on addictions- A teaching I received several years back from a very generous friend and mentor, Siva Varma.  Siva was raised in a traditional community in Kerala, India where he had a true master whose teachings Siva now passes on. I’m grateful for the afternoon Siva spent talking to me about what I’m about to share with you.

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