Child Spirit

Today I’m sharing a conversation I had with John-Luke Edwards and Nikiah Seeds of The Forked Stick.  I always enjoy stepping out amongst the shamanly types, there’s a kind of poetic license you’re almost guaranteed when you’re talking with someone whose website is called Wolfindark. You’re welcome to listen to the full two hours, which includes another Read more about Child Spirit[…]

Aiming For Shame Or Guilt?

Want to send a tweet?  Shame freezes us, guilt mobilizes us to do better.” Which are you doing? @WatchTheSahius “Are you aiming for shame or for guilt?” Decide on #WatchTheSahius  

What Babies Want

“Notice children’s gestures. Ask, “What are they showing me?” @miakalef on “Babies manage trauma by looking away. Invite them to connect gently.” @miakalef #birth#trauma#recovery “Rather than coerce, comply with children’s preferences for touch.”#child#health#respect