First 200 E-book Event:
It’s Never Too Late

Hey,  you made it over this way.  This is awesome.  My new book’s just getting unveiled and I’m starting with a special event.  Be one of the first 200 people to buy the e-book and get my favourite chapter to look at while you wait for the Oct. 24th release date.

This book’s for health professionals, parents, adults on their healing journey, and caregivers.  How would you know if your experiences in the womb and at birth were affecting you or your child?  What would you do about it?  This detailed and accessible guide takes you on the journey of conception, the early weeks of gestation, birth, and just after birth and explains how these important times can get interrupted, or imprinted.  With gentle and healing guidance, the reader is shown how to nurture and transform those interruptions so they need not shape a life.

If you’re up for it, fill this part in.  I take care of the rest.

I deeply appreciate you being a radical thinker, committed humanitarian, and generous supporter of my work.

E-Book: $9.99 USD


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