Incarnational Gestures

8 practices for wholeness and healing.

In the heart of Mother Dark

You made your body with light.

You practiced then for how to move now.

You practiced then for how to love now.

You practiced then for how to be in relationships now.

You’ve been doing this since the beginning.

Now you want more.

What if healing trauma could include wholeness?

Include light?

What if you could go with a guide and together find where more of you lives?  And wants to be held?

Join Dr. Mia Kalef for her new audio practice, Incarnational Gestuers.

With an exquisite and sensitive musical soundscape, and nearly three hours of content, every gesture is recorded during live practice offering maximal attunement to wholeness and healing.

Your previous experience is your body.  Journey with Mia and discover what gesture practice brings.

Have a Listen

Central Channel Excerpt

Cellular Breathing Excerpt

Burgeoning Excerpt

Whether you are practicing Central Channel, your first journey into this world as light, or are exploring your masculine inheritance with Sperm Consciousness, or are moving ahead and practicing for birth with Burgeoning, you are the best one to know what your embryo or birthing body is speaking.  By investigating your Incarnational Gestures, you can bring early challenging experiences into a more coherent experience in the present, over and over.  Experience how the practice evolves and heals over time.

What you practice as an embryo gets you ready for life.  That’s why practicing Incarnational Gestures can lend more support to every day adult life.

Each gesture is recorded during Mia’s live practice.  During each recording she endeavours to hold the greatest degree of wholeness, coherence, and compassion, so you might feel the invitation to do the same.  There will be times you’ll want to go faster, slower, to take breaks, and will want to repeat.  Trust your pace.  Each time you practice you will discover something new.

The gestures are designed for daily, weekly, or monthly practice.  You can introduce them when you are problem-solving a life challenge, triggered in ways that have you stuck, scared, numb, or anxious, working on a body, mental, or spiritual habit, celebrating what’s going well, or getting ready to learn something new.  

The gestures address prebirth and birth healing, support pregnancy, enhance yoga, meditation, and body-centred practices, and can be done by anyone, with or without an embryology or healing background. 

Previous experience is having grown a body.

May these gestures become a companion to your evolving journey of becoming ever-more human.  


Included are:

*8 Guided Meditations

*Directions for how to use each gesture

*Evocative soundscapes designed especially for each gesture

*Close to three hours of guided practice